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usc student housing

usc student housing

usc student housing

Victory on Ellendale offers the best USC Off Campus Housing in the area.

How far away is Victory on Ellendale from USC’s campus?
Victory on Ellendale is located on the very popular Ellendale Place less than a ½ mile from campus.

What does rent by bed mean and can I have my own bedroom?
Victory on Ellendale rents by bed space. Each unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with total of four beds in each unit. You may rent a private bedroom/bathroom (shared kitchen and living space) for the rent of two beds. Additionally, you may rent a full unit at the rental cost of four beds.

What size are the beds?
Twin – 38”x75”
XL Twin – 38”x80”

Do you find the roommates for me?
We can assist in finding roommates and suitemates for you. We will do our best to find a good match and will coordinate communication between all parties.

My friend and I want to room together. Is that ok?
Of course! Each resident will have their own lease with a letter attached to the bedspace. If you have another person that you’d like to share the bedroom with, we can accommodate. Additionally, if you have a total of four people interested, you can rent out all four beds and share the full unit. If you have three people interested, but still want to only rent by bed space, we will find a fourth roommate for you.

What if my roommate and I don’t get along?
We expect to be 100% occupied each year; thus, leaving little room for transferring units. We try our best to match roommates and most times it works, but there will be some that doesn’t. We encourage all to communicate, be respectful and work towards a common ground. There will not be much room for moving roommates around. In very rare circumstances there may be an opportunity of moving units and that will be determined dependent on availability.

What is the Amenity Fee?
To assist with a smooth living experience we have established a fee that, among other things, allows DirecTV, Wi-FI and all other utilities to be charged to the landlord releasing residents from the hassle and responsibility.

Do my roommates and I split the utility bills?
Each resident is on their own lease with individual rates. You are responsible for your portion. Pricing varies depending on how many residents in the unit and dependent on if you have your own bedroom or are sharing the bedroom.

What is a SCEP Fee?
SCEP (Systematic Code Enforcement Program) is a bill for rental apartments. The monthly fee of $3.61 will be split among the roommates.

Can I get my own Renter’s Insurance with Liability? If so, what do I need to do?
Each resident must have Renter’s Insurance with Liability. Renter’s insurance is available through your Victory resident account, for a small monthly fee. This does NOT include personal property and we encourage you to obtain that on your own. If you choose to get your own Renter’s Insurance with Liability, it must have $100,000 liability with the building property listed (Victory on Ellendale) and the management company listed as a third party. Proof of renter’s insurance must be emailed to Property Manager to remove the provided Renter’s Insurance.

How much is parking?
Parking is provided at an additional cost and can range anywhere from $100 – $200 monthly. Parking is in an indoor, gated area on the first floor of the building.

What furnishings are included?
Living room: one sofa, one coffee table, one accent chair, one side table, one entertainment stand, one flatscreen TV
Dining room: one 4-person dining set
Bedrooms: two XL twin beds, two bed frames, four dressers, two nightstands, one desk and desk chair

What other furnishings should I bring?
Shower curtains and liners, floor lamps and desk lamps for bedrooms, trash cans and anything else you’d like to bring!

Is the kitchen stocked?
No. You will need to provide your own food and cooking/dining supplies

Is there laundry?
There are two community laundry rooms with new machines that allow for payment through an App. No more coins required!

How can I pay my rent?
Online portal payments provide a quick, automatic and easy way to pay your rent and fees monthly. If you prefer to pay by check, money order or cashiers check, there is a drop box for easy drop. All guarantors that are paying my check or money order must send the check directly to the resident to their personal address and they can then drop it in the drop box.

Will I get the exact unit I see on my visit?
We will be able to show you a couple different units during your visit, but it may not specifically be the unit you’ll be living in during the year. We can send you a listing of floor plans; however, due to the nature of renting by bed space and dependent on rates of specific units and matching roommates et al, we may not be able to show you the exact unit in which you’ll be assigned. However you may absolutely request a specific unit and if we can accommodate, we will.

How long is the lease?
All leases are 12 months without exception. Reletting is available, see office for details.

Do I need to move out at the end of the school year?
Opportunity for early renewal will be provided during the fall. If you’d like to renew for the following year, you may do so at that time. A move out date will be determined by the property manager and tenant, but the tenant is responsible for a 12-month lease.

I’m moving out of my current apartment in May and moving into Victory on Ellendale in August. Can I store my things or move my belongings in for the summer?
We are not able to provide early move in or storage, as we will be painting, cleaning, updating all units. You’ll have to make accommodations for your summer storage outside of the property.

Are leases for families with children available?
Yes. The property’s policy is included here for family occupants with a child(ren) under the age of eighteen (18) who is domiciled with (i) at least one parent, legal guardian, or another person having legal custody of the child under the age of eighteen, or (ii) the designee of such parent or other person having such custody, with written permission of such parent or other person. For family households with children, all household members age eighteen (18) or older must: (A) complete an application, and (B) sign the lease as a Resident. For family households with children under the age of eighteen (18), at least two (2) people will be permitted to occupy a single bedroom. If a family household with children under the age of eighteen (18) requires additional occupancy per bedroom, additional occupants may be allowed on a case-by-case basis based on factors including, but not limited to, the size of the bedroom(s) and unit, age of the children, configuration of the unit, any physical limitations of the property, and local occupancy codes. If the child occupant reaches eighteen (18) years of age during the term of the lease, the lease will be allowed to complete its term, but renewal will only be offered in compliance with the occupancy policy as stated. Child occupants who are under twenty-four (24) months at the time the lease is signed will not be counted under the occupancy policy for purposes of maximum occupancy but will be counted for subsequent leases if they reach the age of twenty-four (24) months during the term of the lease. The Landlord has the right to lease any empty bedroom(s). Families should contact the office directly regarding the application for family households, as this process varies from individual leasing and the required forms are not all available electronically.

What if I don’t have a Guarantor?
No Guarantor? No Problem, Victory On Ellendale offers Leap as an option! Leap is a quick and easy process that fills in for a guarantor or parent co-signer. Leap’s application is free online and takes around 5 minutes to complete. You will get a conditional decision within 30 minutes during normal business hours. Click here to apply or contact the office for more information.

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